Below you will find our short and long term goals for 2013. 
We ask that membership and associates take a moment
to read through these and get involved where you can.
               "Together We Do Make A Difference!"

2013 Super Jumbo Club Initiative

    >  Our goal is to become a Super Jumbo Club with a membership of 201+.              

         " Focus on the Outcome - Imagine Our Impact... ." TFRW President
         Carolyn Hodges              

         "We are 92 members shy from achieving our goal so bring your Family
         and Friends and get them involved today!"  LARW Past President Nitra Barnes

The Wounded Warrior Project    

    > We support the Wounded Warrior Project.  Click here for details.

U.S. Constitution Initiative

    > Providing for copies of U.S. Constitutions to all Seniors at Lubbock ISD and         
       Lubbock County ISD's.    

    > Provides copies of U.S. Constitutions in all new membership packets.

    > Provides copies of U.S. Constitutions to small, local organizations upon request.

Jane Cansino SREC SD 28 Committee Woman
and Chairperson of the Candidate Resource Committee    

    > To fund local Republican Candidates in general elections across the state.

LARW Initiatives with Lubbock County Republican Party

    > We are working closely with the LCRP to help get a High School Republican
       Club started. Currently, we have a combined club with Lubbock and Idalou
       students.  At the meeting on Thursday, March 21st they elected officers and
       began a game plan as to how to best grow their membership. 

    > Encourages members and associates to volunteer at the local Republican       
      Party Headquarters.   

    > Provides Support & Partners with the local Republican Party on the following
       Events leading into the Fall Campaign Season:              

            1. 4th on Broadway - provides volunteers for booth and float.  Focus is Voter  
                Registration and Membership Recruitment.              

            2. Panhandle South Plains Fair. - provides volunteers for this nine day event. 
                Focus is recruit volunteers for local campaigns, Voter Registration, and
                increase membership in GOP and LARW.              

            3. Lubbock County Republican Party 3rd Annual Golf Tournament 
                Fundraiser.  Rawls Golf  Course at TTU - provides volunteers to help
                with event.                                    

Caring for America

    > "Republican Women Care." LARW will hold a Food Drive in the Fall.

    > Encourage membership to donate business suits to local women's shelters.


    > We support Literacy of Lubbock and encourage our members and associates
        to volunteer with this worthy endeavor.

Outreach Education

    > Coordinate with Membership Chair to enact a U.S. Constitution program.

    > Increase minority participation.

    > Coordinate with Membership Chair and Scholarship Chair to recruit high
        school, college students, and young professionals and encourage them
        to volunteer at GOP HQ and local campaigns.

    > Attend local fairs, festivals, job fairs, etc. to encourage membership in the
       Republican Party and LARW.

    > Encourage membership to serve on local, state, and national boards.

Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Projects

    > For more information click here.

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Projects

    > For more information click here.